Travel Insurance- Avoid This Common Mistake

Avoid this common mistake!

Most travellers these days know that travel insurance is a necessity, due to the unknowns that are faced, whilst travelling overseas. Different insurance companies offer varying degrees of benefits in regards to covering delayed or lost luggage, emergency overseas hospital and dental cover, rental car insurance excess and special events, just to name a few. However, is it possible that you might be missing out on a very important part of your cover before you even leave Australia?

Emergency cancellation cover

What I am referring to is emergency cancellation and amendment cover, which only kicks in from the moment that you purchase your travel insurance policy. Many people are willing to fork out thousands of dollars months in advance, to get the best deals on their flight, cruise and tour bookings, but for some reason, when it comes to paying a couple of extra hundred dollars for their travel insurance plan, they tend to wait until a couple of days before they leave the country.

 avoid this common mistake
Don’t let this happen to you!

If an emergency situation were to occur with any of your immediate relatives, which caused you to be unable to travel on your original dates booked, or in some cases unable to travel at all, the intention to purchase travel insurance at a later date would unfortunately not be enough for the Travel Insurance company to cover you, and you would be left out of pocket for the entire cost of your trip, to date.

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