Travel Documents

Back them up!

If you’ve ever been traveling and had your passport or wallet stolen, you’ll appreciate this tip.

  • Passport, visas, insurance details, credit card numbers, flight itinerary, cash passports (or travelers cheques), as well as your flight itineraries, accommodation and travel documents should be backed up, before you leave for your trip.
    note:   If you choose to store your documents on any ‘cloud’ services, such as dropbox or google docs, be sure to not store them under any ‘obvious’ names, such as ‘my passport’, etc…
  • Print out an extra copy or two of your passport and visas, and tuck them away in a safe place while you travel.

Make good use of your hotel room’s safe. You can safely store your documents away in there at the start of your stay, and not have to worry about misplacing them, whilst you are out sight-seeing!


Leave a copy with your family:

Before you leave for your trip, scan these documents, and leave them with a close friend or family member, who is remaining in Australia.

That way, in case the worse does happen, and you are in need of an emergency passport through your Country’s consulate, the process will be much quicker for you.

 travel documents



Never Leave Home Without Travel Insurance!

Most Travel Insurance companies will provide cover for emergency lost or stolen travel documents, and especially given that you will most likely be quite disoriented, they should be the first ones who you call. Make sure that you check that your Travel Insurance provider has an emergency overseas assistance number to call that is open 24/7, preferably with an Australian-based office.


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