Power Tip- Google’s Flight Tools

 You Did it the Old-fashioned Way…

Have you ever been to the airport to pick someone up, and you park your car, only to find out that your friend or family member’s flight is delayed?

Or perhaps you are a little bit more tech savy, and you check the airport website ahead of time, i.e. the Brisbane airport website at www.bne.com.au or the Sydney airport at www.syd.com.au

Well, there is now a much easier way to do it, thanks to good old Google!


Now Do It the Easier Way!

google flight status







All you have to do is search the flight number- i.e. “QF 1” as per the photo, and Google brings up all of the flight information — including status, and projected departure and arrival time.

If you search it on an Android mobile phone, Google automatically takes it a step further and makes use of the ‘Google Now’ app to live update you on any delays, cancellations, etc…

You can even click on the flight and it will take you to the Flight Stats website, where you will be able to track the live status of the flight.


Technology- why not make it work in your favour?

There is a whole host of technology that the airlines have been partnering with Google with, in order to help travelers to improve the overall travel experience, from start to finish. You can now even use Google Flight Search -a new tool for searching the cheapest flights, across a whole range of dates. One thing is for sure- technology is not going away, and if we are willing to, we can let it work in our favour!


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